We’ve all come back from trade shows with a thick stack of business cards in our pocket.
At first, it seems like the huge investment of time and money was well worth it, right?

If you can at least turn a few of these leads into loyal customers… then everything will be fine and dandy.

After a few weeks, however, you’re not so hopeful.

And you organize your leads into an Excel file and start sending follow up emails.  Then you wait, while hoping your trip wasn’t a complete waste.

Was it successful?  I hope so.  But the fact of the matter is that 99% of the time you’re going to have to do a lot better than that if you want to get the business.  You need a system in place that will help you follow up with your leads until they become customers, refer you to someone else or give you the feedback you need to improve your business.

That’s where my copywriting services come in.


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Writing for the web is quintessentially different from print media.

It’s immediate. It carries your visitors along. It is instantly actionable. For these reasons, companies who understand how to put their web copy into a ‘user centric’ frame of mind, also stand to enjoy a limitless number of viewers. Those companies that don’t, however, find themselves looking like guys at parties who only know how to talk about themselves. If your website isn’t delivering the leads it should, simply switching over to more user centered copy holds a huge potential for improving your number of inquiries.

There is no better way to fill your sales funnel than to offer something of value in exchange for the right to market to someone.

This principal is as old and time tested as advertising itself. Yet for some reason, most businesses have overlooked this business building strategy. Perhaps it’s because they feel they’re in the products and services business, and they have nothing in common with info-marketers. Whatever the case, remember the fact that Cracker-Jack’s has always included a prize at the bottom of the box, and they still do… because they’re still in business… and you can see how effective this marketing technique is.

According to Harvard Business Review, while 79% of companies in the U.S. are either using or planning to use social media as part of their marketing mix, only 12% of those companies feel they’re using those channels effectively.

Translation? It’s not that hard to stand out from the crowd and enjoy an exponential amount of exposure. Not only is social media one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get your message across, it’s also the easiest way to create pre-qualified traffic to your home site. Why would any business overlook the potential here?


Get people to open and actually read the emails you send them, and you’ll take one of the most important steps towards turning prospects into paying customers.

Far too many of the commercial mails I receive these days clearly fail to deliver the quality insights I’m looking for.  So after opening 1 or 2, I quickly learn to ignore, delete or block that sender.  The interesting ones, however, get through.  The ones that offer some kind of encouragement, some useful advice or current news… those ones, I’ll admit, I even look forward to.  Make sure you’re customers feel the same way about your communications and watch your next product’s launch soar!

Every time someone goes to the Internet, they’re looking for answers.

One of the best ways to help people find out about your business, like what you’re all about and trust in your products and services, then, is to answer those questions in an enticing, expert way. When you can do that, not only does your business profit from customers coming to you naturally, but you also establish yourself as a thought leader. This helps you establish the strategic partnerships you need to take your business to the next level.

These are the classic ‘hero stories’ you need to make your services and solutions come to life in the minds of your prospects.

Recent studies have find case studies to be one of the persuasive pieces of the sales arsenal for a variety of reasons. They show that you understand your prospects’ problems. They demonstrate your creativity, hard work and leadership. And they promise similar results. If you have a solid reputation, but you aren’t leveraging these stories to their maximum potential – you’re missing out.


Direct mail means more than it ever did before.

Why’s that? Because 99% of the spammers have gone on-line. As a result, people receive a letter from a company they know that’s addressed to them, they put a sense of importance on the gesture. They still might not read everything or respond, but when your sales representative follows up with them by phone, the personal ‘touch’ of sending them a letter helps further your business relationship.

A 24/7 salesman on your side

It’s no surprise that video sales letters have become so popular these days.  From a consumer’s point of view, it’s easier and more entertaining to watch a fast, informative sales letter than read through 20 pages of text.  And on the marketer’s side, this ‘ease of use’ have given them huge financial gains.  Put these persuasive videos to use in your B2B efforts and find yourself pleasantly surprised with how many automatic, online sales you start booking… without sending your sales team out on call.

Set the buying criteria on major purchases

Many buyers look at white papers as a scientific study of a product’s features compared to other solutions.  With this high degree of respect, it’s only natural that companies often look to white papers to inform their final buying decisions.  With this kind of well-researched proof on your side, you don’t have to do all the talking… because the facts speak for themselves.


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