I have a tight deadline. Can you start my project right away?

At present, I can give you a difinitive answer and project prospectus within 24 hours.  I’ll be updating this post whenever my schedule is booked for the month.

Do you charge more for rush jobs?

I don’t do rush jobs.  I know that if I am not giving you superior sales tools that directly improve your bottom line, a rush job won’t be doing either of us a favor.


2 revisions are included with every project.  Requests for revisions are accepted up to 30 days after the 1st draft has been submitted.

What do your fees include?

On average, my work includes 2 weeks of research and interviews to get to know your company and clientèle. After that I will give you 3 lead ideas to choose from. I complete my draft and submit it to my peer review system of 3 professional copywriters. After revisions and more peer review, I will give the copy to 2 readers in your target audience. That leads to more revisions and another reading with your target audience. Then, when I am sure that it is the best work that I have done to date, I submit it for your approval. At that point, you can either chose to accept it or ask for a new package. If so, I will re-do the work at my own expense.  And, if you would like to do an A-B test at that time, I can also offer you 50% off on the 2nd version of the package.

Do you work long-distance?

It’s not a problem.  Actually, I find that it’s better.  By working remotely, I’m able to maximize the amount of time, and the ultimate quality of your copy while minimizing the demand on your employees for interviews, etc…  This saves you time, money and gives you more effective tools to grow you bottom line.

What kind of team do you have?

I work with a group of 3 professional copywriters.  Together we cover the niche specialties of IT, industrial manufacturing, corporate buying committees and hospitality.

What's the best way to reach you?

Call me during phone hours (10am – 11am PST) or drop me an e-mail.  If I don’t pick up that probably means that I’m working against a deadline.  So please leave a message and I’ll make every effort to get back to you by the end of the business day.

How do I hire you? What steps do we need to take?

I have a very simple contract which explains all of the terms and expectations of my work, which I’ll e-mail with my project prospectus.  You can either sign it using DocuSign, or print it out and send it back to me. As soon as I receive your contract and check I’ll begin work on your project right away.

How do you handle payment?

50% of the fees are due upfront. After that, 25% is due at a midpoint which we agree on.  The remaining 25% is due upon completion.  For e-newsletters, I ask for 3 months in advance.

Will you coordinate with my designers and print shop?

I’d be happy to.  The first 30 minutes is free.  After that, my project management rate is $75 an hour.

Can you provide more samples of your work?

Yes, there are further samples in my PDF copywriting services packet.  I also have physical file of samples to pull from.  Just get in touch with me, let me know what kind of work you are interested in and I’ll send it to your offices by express mail.

What sets your services apart from others?

I’ve lived in Montana, Colorado, Seattle, Connecticut, San Diego, Germany, Spain, Mexico, San Francisco and Japan.  I’m also have numerous years’ experience as  sales man and a teacher.  Suffice it to say, I’ve come in contact with countless individuals from every stage of life.  And I’ve done it with a lot of patience and understanding so I could really get to know them and help them out.  This skill essential for understanding your prospective buyers’ needs and desires on a deep level.  So we can reach out in a voice that’s instantly recognizable and show them how your solution is the answer to their needs.

Without building that deeper understanding of your prospect’s core buying motivation you might just as well be putting any words on the page… because few will read them.  But with this intimate connection, you have the chance to fuel your sales like never before.

What's you guarantee?

I hold myself to your rigorous standards.  That means that I absolutely guarantee you’ll be happy with my work when I turn it in.  If not, I provide 2 revisions free of charge.

I pride myself on quality because that’s the only way I can grow my copywriting business.

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