Description of copywriting services

Video Sales Letter —$675 – $2,000 + 5% commission

A long-copy sales letter in video form with pictures, music and native level narration, designed to sell a product or secure a reservation – ideal for hotels, malls, tourism boards, local shops and high-end tour programs.  The equivalent of a 3 to 5age sales letter.

Sales letter – $1,200 — $5,050 + 5% commission

A well-researched, targeted long-form sales letter designed to be the point of sale.    Best applied to luxury goods, tours or time shares.  Usually, a 6 to 10age letter.

Web site home page — $1,500 – $2,700

This WordPress themed page sets up the whole feel for your website.  Filled with function, content and eyerabbing appeal, this page aims at effortlessly leading your readers through your sales message.  An essential component for landing your tourism business “on the international itinerary”.

Short-copy landing page — $750 – $875/page

A simple landing page for a product or offer.  Often used for hotels, cosmetics, or other online businesses.  The online equivalent of a trade ad: headline, a few paragraphs of descriptive product copy, and order portion.

Long-copy landing page — $1,550 – $2,350

An abbreviated version of the microsite typically used for B2B offers and products that require less description (e.g. tour package deals, promotional offers). The online equivalent of a 2 to 4-page letter.

Order device (transaction page) — $925 – $1,375

Similar to a short-copy landing page but with even less descriptive product copy; a page designed primarily as an online reply form where the visitor can either order the product or (if lead generation) request a free white paper on your investment opportunity.

Microsite — $2,350 – $5,000

A long-copy dedicated web site designed to sell a product – such as a resort membership, vacation package or time share – directly.  The online equivalent of a 6 to 8-page sales letter.

e-news letter set-up — $2,600

The process of defining your business’ voice, area of expertise, outlining the newsletter’s monthly sections, sending out opt-in lead e-mails to your house list, and setting up the technical side of your mail service.

Monthly e-newsletter publishing — $650

As a soft sell, 80% of each issue consists of useful information to your readership, in a likeable and expert tone with only 20% focusing on sales or promotional features.  It’s sharable, with social media buttons and forwarding features, and also links through to your website’s archives.  This is the email equivalent of a 2 to 2 ½age blog post.

Online ad — $500 – $700

A 100-word classified ad to run in an e-zine and drive readers to a microsite or landing page.

Google adwords placement — $325 – $400 A,B,C tests

The placement and testing of short, key wordesearched headlines within target areas, demographics and languages.

Long-copy email — $1,900 – $2,500 + 5% commission

An e-mail in response to an inquiry, designed to sell a product directly by driving the recipient to a landing page.  The online equivalent of a 3 to 4-page sales letter.

Teaser e-mail — $1,175 – $1,700 + 5₵ per click.  Series of 5.

A short e-mail designed to drive the readers to a microsite or long-copy landing page where they can order your product or make a reservation.  The online equivalent of a ½ to 2-page sales letter.

Lead-generation e-mail — 7 mails for $1,100 – $1,500

Similar to a teaser email, but with the purpose of driving you readers to a landing page or transaction page where they can request more information before making a purchase.

Online e-mail conversion series — $1,100 – $1,500

A series of follow-up e-mail messages sent via auto-responder, designed to convert an inquiry into a reservation for your hotel/tour or sale of your product.

Direct mail package – mail order — $4,850 – $6,400 + 5₵ per mailing

A package consisting of a main sales letter, personalized “lift note”, mini- advertisement “Buck slip”, an order device / reply card, all designed to sell a product or vacation package.

Side-by-side ad package, house list — $1,500 – $3,600 + 5₵ per mailing

A promotion specifically tailored to groups our tourism councils that are interested in attracting attention to a city area rather than focusing on any specific business or service.  Up to 10 businesses can be highlighted in this 4-6 page sales letter.

Membership renewal series — $1,350 – $2,100 / letter

Used by clubs and hotels, this 2 to 3-page sales letter offers a premium to encourage repeat patronage.

Self-Mailer — $1,850 – $3,950

A self-mailer is any promotional piece that does not require an envelope.  This is often used as marketing collateral at the front desk of hotels and stores, as well as for trade shows.

Print ads — $850 – $2,600

Development of an ad to be placed in a magazine or trade journal with a strong headline, lead, proof and call to action.

Newsletters — $500 – $1,100 / 1-3 pages

Promotions that showcase specific developments of a company or industry while offing actionable advice, best practices or lessons learned.  Newsletters are also used as a launching pad for company initiatives and branding efforts.

White paper – $3,100 – $3,800

This is the perfect blend between a magazine article and a brochure.  With this, you demonstrate your deep understanding of your prospect’s problems or desires, show how other options in the industry fail to achieve the results that they need  – and highlight the fact that you can.  This is also a very important weapon in any large scale bidding process.  By setting the buying criteria early on, your company can effectively hold all other competitors to your high level of deliverables.

Case Study – $1,600 – $1,850

Studies show that case studies are the most important sales tools in the B2B world for producing quality leads.  Not only do they demonstrate your track record and credibility, they provide a real example of proof behind your claims.  The only thing that’s left in the sales process then is the final push – to close.

SEO-friendly articles — $850 – $1,100

These are used to increase the value and search engine relevance of websites.  While mostly informational, content must still have a persuasive call to action that involves your company’s core product or area of service.

Blog articles — $150 – $200

These are 300 – 400 word posts that focus on 1 piece of useful advice in your company’s niche.  Use these to follow up with prospects, keep your site looking fresh to search engines and have something to share through social media.

Japanese / Chinese / Spanish translation services — $75 – $150 / page

Native level translations of your website’s landing pages, order device, SEO articles or online ads.  These are especially useful with international tour programs or mail order products such as cosmetics.

Japanese / Chinese / Spanish lead generation tweets (10) — $200 – $375

Used to create external links to your site, tweets are personalized versions of headlines, the central promise of your product, service or location and key benefits of your business.

Copy critique — $280 – $940

This is ideal for clients who want a “second opinion” on a piece of copy, or who need new ideas to inject life into an existing package that’s no longer working.  This is a 1-2 page executive summary.

Key copy platform — $1,00 – $2,150

This is a 2 – 3 page executive report which provides the essential elements for all of your marketing.  With this document, it’s easy to maintain a consistent, focused connection with your target customer.


Please note: These prices are estimates only.  The difficulty of the project, the number of projects involved and our working relationship are all important factors in creating a final quote.  I cannot guarantee any of these prices until we speak and I thoroughly understand everything involved in meeting (and exceeding) your expectations.