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Email Autoresponders

Make sure your prospects are eager to open your email with quality content that speaks directly to their business needs, wants and desires… just as much as it builds familiarity and respect for your business.

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Case Studies

Demonstrate your creativity, hard work and leadership with true ‘hero stories’ your prospects will love.

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Web Copy

Show you understand what your prospects are looking for when they land your website and turn a longer engagement into revenue.

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Direct Mail

Turn an emotional corner with your prospects by giving them something they can hold in their hands. In our hectic digital age, this personal touch gives you an amazing psychological advantage over your competitors.

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Content Marketing

Create an automatic lead generation funnel with quality content that answers questions… and entices readers to find out more.

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Social Media

Bring out the human side of your business and harness the power of the ‘social web’ with unlimited outreach and real connection.

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What's included?

Copy Critique

Stop throwing spaghetti against the wall!

Share vital marketing insights across your company
with the Key Copy Platform and make sure you’re reaching
prospects with a consistent message… you know they love.

What's Included?

Key Copy Platform

Just like regular maintenance for your car,

a good copy critique shows you how to maintain and improve your business performance - before you start suffering from declining sales.


  • His passion for his work, his creative mind, original thinking, and his ability to problem solve are echoed by his talent with the written word.

    Laura Hill
    Coronado School of Arts Director
  • Jeremiah’s focus on delivering quality content for our clients is 2nd to none. He’s the best copywriter we’ve ever worked with.

    Nicholas Slettengren
    Partner - Power Digital Marketing, Inc
  • A mature individual, Jeremiah is always looking to improve himself. He possess a calm independence and a work ethic that enables him to work well with a team or individually. He is an unselfish, modest and creative individual, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

    Ashley Grainger
    Shinjuku Berlitz instructional supervisor
  • The day that I returned to the art gallery after leaving Jeremiah by himself so that I could run some errands and found 6… 7… 8 art pieces tagged and paid for, I knew that I had hired the right salesman for the job.

    Glen McNary
    The Coronado Art Gallery
  • In the first month and a half of updating my product sales page with Jeremiah’s copy, I made 10 times the sales I’d made in the last 12 months, combined!

    Phelan Riessen
    CMO and Co-Founder of Digithrive
  • Not only did Jeremiah’s email marketing campaign have 36 – 48% open rates, the quality of the content helped grow my reputation among investors, prospects and create conversations.

    Jen Flynn
    Velur Land Banking Representative
  • Mr. Jeremiah Magone possesses fine character traits. He has always pursued his own path, excelled in what he set out to do, and carried through on assigned tasks.

    Tom Yamamoto
    Owner of Tom's language school



I hold myself to rigorous quality standards. Your standards.

That’s why I guarantee you’ll be happy with my work when I turn it in – or I’ll redo it at my own expense.


Hospitality Copywriting is a B2B copywriting service for those who understand the power of lead nurturing. We create personal, persuasive marketing materials that know how to establish your USP, make your benefits sparkle and close the sale.